f-code x Google Joint Seminar


Senin, 30 Juli 2018

Join us to discover how to attract your customers to your website and turn them into leads/sales by utilizing Google AdWords and f-code “CODE Marketing Cloud” effectively.

Our new SaaS marketing platform “ CODE “ is not just for collecting customers’ information, but to organize, analyze, and understand individual customer’s psychology. Based on these customer information, we will “motivate” customer to take action by delivering the right message at the right time through most effective channels.

In the seminar, we will present you actual examples how to utilize both Google AdWords and f-code solution to strengthen customer engagement and generate more online sales revenue.

—Here is a quick preview of the agenda for the event 3:00pm

– Networking & Registration 3:30pm

– ASEAN Digital Marketing Update 3:45pm

– Exclusive Talk from Google 4:35pm

– TIPS to boost online sales/customer engagement by f-code